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Sun–the “gluten” of the aesthetic world

Written by: Emily Plushnick, Patient Care Consultant In the aesthetic industry the word “sun” might be just as devilish as the word “gluten” is to the health world. It’s hard to live without either of them- some of us may like to bathe in both of [...]

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Botox 25 Units Special

TWO Locations NOW OPEN: 300 Beardsley Lane Building C Suite 101 Austin, TX 78746 OPENING SOON: Denali Pass Suite 6 Cedar Park, TX 78613 Pay Now! 10 FREE units of Botox will be added to your purchase upon order completion. The 10 free [...]

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7 Ways to Eliminate Fat Cells

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc id diam euismod, commodo quam a, feugiat mi. Sed molestie ligula sit amet odio finibus aliquam. Ut blandit diam ac odio interdum faucibus. Maecenas quam mauris, consequat non mauris ac, feugiat elementum odio. Sed faucibus egestas mi [...]

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