More and more women in my practice are asking about G-spot amplification as the procedure gains more attention. However, most of the women who discuss this procedure with me know little about what “amplification” entails. Here is some general information about the G-spot and what amplification to this area means for your anatomy.

G-spot amplification is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that enhances the Grafenburg spot often coined the “G-spot”. Sexually active women with normal sexual function who are looking for greater pleasure during sexual intercourse are great candidates for this treatment. The G-spot itself is enlarged with the use of off-label dermal fillers that gently and effectively enhance the area. These fillers are a naturally occurring biological product with long-term safety records. In the pilot studies for G-spot amplification, 87% of women surveyed after receiving the G-Shot enlargement reported enhanced sexual gratification. While degree of results differs among patients receiving the treatment, compelling results have been reported. The treatment and its affects can last 6-12 months and be retreated at any time.

The G-Shot amplification is best performed for female patients familiar with the location of the G-Spot prior to undergoing the procedure. After consultation, the G-Shot is an office procedure performed with local anesthesia. The actual injection and office visit time is typically short, usually requiring about 30 minutes for the patient.

Post injection the G-Spot becomes enlarged to measure approximately the size of a quarter in diameter, and one fourth of an inch in thickness. Anatomic variations do occur and require individualized approaches for each patient.

When patients arrive at our office, they will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire followed by a brief physical examination by their provider. Patients will also be asked about their specific goals and expected outcomes for the treatment. Your provider will then educate you about the anatomy of the G-Spot and how to locate it pre and post injection. Your provider will also discuss the risks and potential complications involved from your procedure. Once the patient has all her questions answered, they’ll be given an informed consent to be signed that details the risks and possible complications. Once all questions are answered and consent completed, all is clear to proceed.

For the procedure itself, you will be placed into an elevated, pap smear position. Your provider will then add dermal filler combined with local anesthesia to the G-spot amplifying its diameter and adding fullness.

No recovery time is necessary. Patients typically experience scant bleeding which is easily managed by a tampon and typical of the amount of bleeding one would see after drawing blood. You may resume all normal activities including sexual intercourse post treatment.