Babies are born everyday all over the world and it is such a wonderful event to celebrate. Sometimes it becomes so routine that we can take it for granted that they will be born without any health issues. We are very blessed in this country to have good nutrition and medical care. Cleft and palate deformities are very common in underdeveloped countries where this is not the case. In Austin, Tx we have a very unique organization that was formed greater than 20 years ago to help these children called Austin Smiles. Many volunteers have made many trips to places like El Salvador and Mexico to perform surgeries to give these children a new smile. I have been able to go on these trips and have seen the difference first hand that it makes. To see the parents faces after their child’s lip is repaired is indescribable-they are so happy. This year I became a board member of
Austin Smiles. The organization is successful due to gifts-donations that keep it going.