Neck and back pain are very common problems with women that have large breasts. A breast reduction procedure can really make a difference in their lives. It is one of the most frequent procedures that I have done in my practice over the years. I can remember helping a plastic surgeon in my general surgery training many years ago and have seen the surgery evolve into what is done today. The tried and true standard inverted T technique has been the benchmark way for a long time. Over the past five to ten years the pendulum has swung to the a short scar technique called a vertical reduction. The bottom line is that both are good techniques for the right situation. Most insurance related reductions are relatively large reductions and require a larger procedure like the inverted T to get the best result. The smaller reductions can be done either way but with the vertical or lollipop technique the scars are fewer with a quicker recovery. It has been amazing to see the difference adding the vertical reduction to my practice without compromising the results.