As consumers venture into the world of aesthetics, they may hear the word “off label” used from time to time. But what does this term actually mean to the consumer? When aesthetic offices use new products and new technologies, they are trained to use these devices at very specific times, durations, speeds, in certain areas, and at certain intervals.

It is always smart to start out using technologies conservatively until you become familiar with the product or device and how it works with your skin. As you and your provider evaluate your response to a treatment, then in some cases the treatment time can increase, and the areas we are treating can broaden beyond the specific parameters listed by the product company. For example, we just brought a new home device into our office called “Tria”. It went through FDA trials only using it on the face. However, we’ve seen such wonderful results with the device that we, at Hall Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Center, are now suggesting to our patients to use it on body areas as well – such as the hands, arms and above the knees.