They say there are two things you do NOT talk about at work, politics and religion. I get that for the most part but sometimes you just really want to talk about God. Sometimes you’re touched by something, and it brings you so much joy you want to bring it to others.


As all of our friends and family, and even some of our patients know, God is a huge part of our family’s life. This past weekend as we were on our way to church our kids asked if they could go into service with us and the rest of the adults. Typically this is not something I would like for them to do because I think them being around kids their own age and hearing an age appropriate sermon is important. We ended up allowing our kids to stay back with us and it was truly touching and inspiring. During the service I was so touched by the presence of our kids, and it brought such joy to have them sitting next to us.


As a working Mom I am so grateful to have God and my family in this life. Your day-to-day tasks and routines can get busy and overwhelming at times.  To have the peace of God and support of my family to get me through some days is exactly what I need. As our kids continue to get older I encourage them to be strong and continue to grow their personal relationships with their faith.  I hope and pray that this is something they have learned to understand and from what we can see they do understand.