You know laying out under the sun’s powerful rays is a dangerous activity that could significantly increase your risk of skin cancer. You also know regular, unprotected exposure to UV rays accelerates the aging process, producing unattractive facial creases and loss of skin elasticity. Still, summer is right around the corner and it’s time to sport that familiar sun-kissed glow. How can you safely get the color you want this season? With organic spray tanning, of course.

What is Spray Tanning?
Spray tanning is a way to get a seasonal glow without harmful effects of the sun’s rays or artificial lighting emitted from tanning booths. Our organic formula features dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as its active ingredient, which has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. Other organic ingredients include aloe and vitamin E to give your skin a healthy boost even while giving it additional color. The formula is sprayed evenly on the skin for a natural, beautiful appearance.

Benefits of a Spray Tan
Spray tanning offers a number of benefits over other tanning methods:

  • No worry over increased skin cancer risk
  • No harm to the skin that will accelerate signs of aging
  • No risk of burning or injuring the skin
  • Color goes on evenly over the skin
  • Organic ingredient nourish the skin while improving its appearance
  • No worry of an unnatural orange tint after your treatment

Preparing for Your Procedure
To achieve the best possible results with your spray tanning session is to properly prepare your skin for treatment. This includes a thorough exfoliation of the skin to remove dry skin cells and other debris that could interfere with your color. Do not wear any perfume, lotion or deodorant to your tanning session, since these products could keep your color from adhering evenly. Finally, wax or shave your skin prior to your tanning session to guarantee smooth coverage of the tanning solution.

Maintaining Your Results
Our spray tan will typically last about one week before it starts to fade. We have skin care products and tips to help you prolong your color for as long as possible. Avoid showering for 8-10 hours after your treatment to give the tanning solution time to set on your skin. It is also important to stay hydrated after your tanning session to maintain your new healthy glow.

Summer is coming, but hanging out in the sun unprotected leaves your skin vulnerable to all types of diseases and damage. Instead, schedule your spray tanning session today to get your sun-kissed glow without the risk. Contact Hall Plastic Surgery at 855-851-4832 to schedule your sunless tanning session today.