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At Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center, we appreciate our loyal patient following and are always looking for ways to improve patient experience and show our gratitude for your continued business.

Belly Rewards is an in-office loyalty rewards program we introduced into our practice as a way for patients to earn points on every purchase they make on services, procedures, and products.  These loyalty points accumulate and can then be redeemed in our office for $$ off purchases or complimentary services.

Our goal was to make our rewards program simple and easy.  Belly does just that.  When you visit our office, simply pick up a Belly card and swipe it at one of our front desk kiosks.  The computer kiosk will then ask for an email address to link to your Belly card.  That’s it!  You’ll receive 5 Belly points immediately for signing up, and then each time you visit our office swipe your card to receive an additional 5 points for stopping by.  Continued accumulation of points will occur with every purchase of services, products, and procedures you receive.  Save points as you go to redeem for free services or for $$ off at check out.  In addition to earning Belly points from purchases, you’ll also accumulate additional points anytime you refer friends and family to our office.

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