Hormone Balancing with BioTE®*


The Balance of Nature and Science with Hormone Pellet Therapy
Balanced hormones are essential for health and disease prevention for women and men as we age. BioTE® optimizes hormone levels with tiny pellets just under the skin. Hormone pellets release all-natural bio-identical estrogen and testosterone and are absorbed consistently into the body as needed.

Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy Has Been Shown To:
• Help regain energy, muscle strength and greater ability to lose weight
• Increase mental clarity
• Feel younger and happier again
• Increase quality of life while preventing age-related illness


What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?


Pellet therapy uses hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body’s normal hormonal levels which have become depleted. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones that provide optimal hormonal therapy. Unlike typical oral and transdermal forms of hormone replacement therapy which can produce swings in hormone levels, resulting in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient, BioTE® Pellet Therapy is the only method that provides balanced hormone levels through the day for up to three to five months without undesired fluctuations.


What are Hormone Pellets?

Pellets contain a natural plant source of estrogen and testosterone. A compounding pharmacist, using strict federal guidelines, compounds the estrogen and testosterone used in the pellets. These pellets are smaller than a grain of rice and are placed in the fatty tissue underneath the skin. The pellets mimic the actions of healthy ovaries and testicles with regard to hormone release into the bloodstream. The hormone pellet implantation procedure is easily performed in the office by our highly trained, certified BioTE staff.

Precise Dosing is Key.
Proper hormone levels are determined by the BioTE® comprehensive bloodwork analysis. Unique dosing is generated for each individual patient, so dosing is customized for what your body specifically needs. Pellets deliver pure, bio-identical hormones directly into the bloodstream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 5 months. Pills, patches, creams and shots simply cannot provide a steady delivery of hormones like pellets can. This supply of hormones that your body recognizes as its own significantly reduces the chance of any adverse side effects.



Estrogen Pellet Therapy For Women


Estrogen is a woman’s most important hormone. Without hormone replacement therapy, the loss of estrogen puts her at increased risk for premature ovary failure, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, tooth loss, impaired vision, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. The longer a woman is without the protection of her own estrogen, the greater the risk for serious health consequences of these conditions. There are estrogen receptors in a variety of organs throughout the body and brain. That’s why hormonal imbalance produces different symptoms such as loss of skin elasticity, bone shrinkage, moodiness and cognitive decline. On the other hand, when estrogen levels rise as they do in the first week of menses, their overall effect is to increase the amount of serotonin available in the spaces between the brain’s nerve cells. That improves mood. Within the brain, estrogen may in fact act as a natural antidepressant and mood stabilizer. It is therefore essential that a woman suffering from premature ovary failure or surgical menopause receive treatment from an HRT physician who understands the many ramifications of the disease and is willing and able to meet her endocrine and emotional needs.


Testosterone Pellet Therapy For Men and Women


In women, testosterone gives mental clarity, increased libido, muscle tone and mass. When this hormone is low, women often complain of mental confusion, weight gain and poor muscle tone, even with regular exercise. The effect of hormone deficiency on the brain, muscle, bone, heart and metabolism can be significant without hormone replacement therapy for women, and it can be dangerous to long-term health. The brain needs normal amounts of testosterone in balance with estrogen to produce serotonin, which supports emotional balance. When lacking in these hormones, a woman will experience emotional instability that often results in increased anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, anger, sadness and depression. The musculoskeletal system is also adversely affected by the loss of testosterone. By not having bio-identical hormone therapy, the deficiency or imbalance of testosterone can lead to muscle atrophy, osteopenia, osteoporosis, and pain in the muscles and joints. Men begin losing testosterone at a rate of 3-10% per year from age 30 on. Research now defines a male equivalent to menopause called andropause. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men include fatigue, lack of mental acuity, loss of libido, and difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection. Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is the only method of testosterone therapy that gives sustained and consistent testosterone levels throughout the day for four to six months without any “roller coaster” blood levels of testosterone, which can result in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient. Men find themselves lacking in sexual desire, gaining weight, losing muscle mass, and feeling sluggish, depressed and irritable. Yet, they believe they must endure these body and hormonal changes as part of aging.


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*Actual results may vary from patient to patient. We cannot make any guarantees on individual outcomes.