Breast Augmentation & Pregnancy

//Breast Augmentation & Pregnancy

Breast Augmentation & Pregnancy


In my practice, I see and work with women at all stages of life. One area where my female patients often have questions is on the subject of getting breast implants if they are planning on getting pregnant in the future. The most common question I receive from them is whether or not having breast implants will interfere with breast feeding. This is a really important question, the answer to which I feel confident will put most future mothers’ minds at ease. Having a breast augmentation should in no way interfere with the breast feeding process – it is quite safe to have this procedure performed prior to pregnancy. The incision is made in the lower part of the breast and the implant is inserted behind the breast tissue and muscle. This avoids any potential interference to the natural breast feeding process.

Another common question I receive is whether it will be necessary to “re-do” a breast augmentation after pregnancy and breast feeding. There is no question that the breasts will change after breast feeding and milk engorgement. What is different for every woman is whether another surgery will be necessary to correct sagging or looseness to the breasts. Everyone is unique and there are many different factors such as your weight gain during pregnancy and your weight loss post-pregnancy that can also change the appearance of the breast. If there is a concern post pregnancy, the good news is that you have options. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and determine a plan of action to fit your goals.