I continue to learn ways to improve my body daily and sometimes that means exploring all new options. I believe that combination of multiple treatments are the best. I recently came to know about the benefits of collagen supplementation from our new Wellness Director, Barbara. She has a great fund of knowledge and suggested that collagen is something we should add to our practice for our patients that we are not already doing. Taking collagen provides building blocks for in your body to optimize formation of collagen in your skin, hair, bones, and joint surfaces. Many of our treatments to the skin and body, work by stimulating new collagen formation and having the best collagen is essential. The quality of the collagen for oral supplementation is critical. There are many examples out there and they are not created the same.

We did our research and found the best collagen product on the market which is called CollaGEN. What makes it unique and why it’s better has to do with the size of the collagen particle. This collagen is a small stable compound that is easily absorbed and can be used for new collagen formation. What also impressed me was the company had scientific studies to show that it works and we don’t have go off just the word of the company that it works. The CollaGEN is a powder and can be added to hot liquids such as coffee. My favorite way to take the collagen is to put it in my coffee with my MCT oil to make a cappuccino.