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Over the years, there have been a number of miracle procedures to treat cellulite. Unfortunately the majority of these treatments have had minimal results at best, and women all over the country continued to struggle with what to do to rid themselves of cellulite. Dr. Jeffrey Hall, medical director at Hall Plastic Surgery ® Rejuvenation Center, is the first in Austin performing the revolutionary treatment, Cellulaze, that permanently rids women of cellulite. He explains how we get cellulite and what patients can expect when undergoing the procedure to remove it.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is not a volume or shape issue in the skin, but is one of texture, that usually involves the buttocks or thighs. Over time, collagen in the skin worsens and causes the skin to sag, magnifying cellulite. Cellulite is made up of ‘bulges’ of fat that herniates out, and creates ‘valleys’ caused by connections of vessels under the skin that are too tight. Because the anatomy of men and women differ, cellulite is only found in women.

How Does Cellulaze Treat Cellulite?

With the Cellulaze procedure, doctors can finally offer treatment of cellulite, which wasn’t a reality before. “In the past there were a lot of non-surgical treatments that would help cellulite, but once you stopped those methods it would come back,” shares Dr. Hall. “This is because it wasn’t addressing the underlying cause or anatomy of cellulite, but was simply covering it up.” Now, there is a change in the anatomy by using a laser below the surface of the skin to do two things. Its perfected wavelength is used to destroy the tight spots, or ‘valleys’ so they relax and its energy is used to make the bulges smaller. This is an in-office surgical procedure performed by Dr. Hall with minimal downtime and recovery. Patients will have a numbing medication injected into the treated are and be given oral medication.

What Should A Patient Expect From Treatment?

The best candidates for Cellulaze are those who simply have rippling in the skin, but there are times that a patient must also has a volume issue and would require liposuction first to solve contour issues before proceeding to textural cellulite. Once patients have the Cellulaze procedure they can expect some discomfort, but many patients can return to work within a couple days. Swelling and bruising can linger a couple of weeks, and patients can expect to see improvements within one month and full results at three months post procedure. “What is most exciting during the treatment process is that we can now offer someone a solution to a problem, which couldn’t be acheived before,” shares Dr. Hall. “Now that we are able to treat cellulite at the anatomical level, we can offer a treatment that truly resolves its underlying causes.”