Combining nutrition as a part of surgical care

//Combining nutrition as a part of surgical care

Combining nutrition as a part of surgical care

This month celebrates National Nutrition Month and I feel it’s important to address the subject of nutrition within the context of surgical procedures. Many patients fail to see the importance of good internal care of their bodies when discussing with me cosmetic or “external” procedures, but in my mind they go hand in hand.

In my practice, not only do I stress with patients how essential having a healthy body is to being a good candidate for surgery, quick recovery, and long term surgery results, but I have an on-site nutritionist who makes dietary changes, helps to prep patients for surgery, and provides guidance for patients as they recover from their procedure. My entire office is dedicated to helping patients protect their investment whether the patient is having a facelift or laser treatment, and the foundation to a good long term cosmetic investment begins with the essential nutrients from food and proper supplementation. It seems like such a simple task, but many patients don’t take nutrition seriously as part of their anti-aging care.

With rising obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, the key to youth and vitality lies in prevention, and prevention begins with a balanced diet. For many of our patients considering surgery, simple dietary adjustments leading up to and after surgery is all that is required for swift recovery. To further enhance recovery, help prevent bruising, and minimize swelling, our nutritionist may recommend specific supplements like arnica, probiotics, and protease. Or for patients with a more complex medical history, additional measures may be taken to provide the most comprehensive support pre and post surgery.

Having expert care through all stages of the surgical process is very important to us and something that we can provide our patients to give them the very best support and create the very best results. So when making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery consider taking the balanced route – one that encompasses the whole body starting from the inside out.

– Jeffrey W. Hall, M.D.
Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center