Fading a Tattoo for Cover-Up

//Fading a Tattoo for Cover-Up

Fading a Tattoo for Cover-Up

Many patients have outgrown their old tattoos and decide a cover-up tattoo is in order. However, experienced tattoo artists are advising more and more of their clients to have the old tattoo faded with a PicoSure™ Laser before the new tattoo is applied.

This is because fading an existing tattoo increases the choice of cover-up options significantly. For example, light colors and fine lines will not effectively cover up an existing dark outline and this severely limits one’s artwork choices. However, most dark outlines and deeply colored tattoos can be faded in a couple of treatments with PicoSure.

Once the majority of the undesirable ink has been removed, the artist can then apply a new tattoo using lighter strokes and delicate colors which are associated with today’s modern styles.

At Hall Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas we have faded a significant number of tattoos successfully which allowed for the placement of beautiful cover-up artwork. To discuss your options for fading, or complete tattoo removal, with PicoSure, please call Hall Plastic Surgery for a free consultation. You can also email tattoo questions or pictures to our PicoSure nurse at brendan.leigh@hallplasticsurgery.com for a complimentary assessment of your options.