I have turned into one of those….A crazy dog lover! I have said no to our kids getting a dog for a very long time. Both my husband and I did not want any more responsibilities, raising triplets and running a practice is enough. We have had many conversations with our kids and I do mean so many conversations, they have been asking for several years multiple times a day for a dog. We finally gave in and surprised them on their birthday.

We have now had Bogey for about four months and are head over heels in love with him. He is a black curly haired Double Doodle and is so cute. He has grown so fast in the past four months and still has about 30 pounds to go before he is fully grown.

When I say I have turned into one of those…I am doing things I never thought I would allow. He rides in my car (beige leather seats) and it goes on and on! Our kids have made several comments that we have turned into softies.

We just took our first family road trip, I mean our first family road trip with Bogey. Over Spring Break we were in our car for close to 30 hours, most of those hours he was sitting on my lap. We even went to a spa day with Bogey! We are now not only making reservations for certain places but asking if they are pet friendly.

The joke in our family now is that Bogey comes before anyone. Even my sweet husband is now thinking I love Bogey more than him…not true! But I sure love that Dog!