I have known Dr. Jeffrey Hall, MD professionally for a couple of years and sought out his advice for sagging in my lower eyelids.  The loose skin was moderate but appeared pronounced under certain lighting conditions which made me look tired even when I felt energetic.  After a thorough examination of my eyes, Dr. Hall explained that my condition could have been caused by a number of factors such as UV light exposure, gravity and repetitive movement or animation.  My own personal opinion was that I had also been working long hours for many years and not getting enough sleep.  What made the problem even more noticeable was that one side was worse than the other. 

Although some mild lower eyelid issues can be improved with fillers, Dr. Hall recommended surgery to remove herniated fatty tissue and excess skin which would smooth the transition between my lower lids and cheeks.  Additionally, he advised that my upper cheek muscles should be lifted slightly to combat the ongoing effects of gravity.  All of this would be done through small incisions under my eyelids.  Having seen many of Dr. Hall’s excellent surgical outcomes, I had no doubt that he would be the one to perform my lower lid blepharoplasty.  I thoroughly rejected the thought that this was a quote “normal” part of aging for men and that I should just accept it; I’m still a young man and I wanted that youthful appearance back in my eyes.

The day came for my surgery and I was excited to finally turn back the clock on the premature aging and damage that showed in my lower eyelids.  I had no doubts that Dr. Hall would do an excellent job.  My wife drove me to the Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center in Austin, TX.  The front office personnel and OR staff treated me so well which made me feel relaxed and ready.  About two hours later I was headed home; Dr. Hall told my wife and me that everything went fine.  After a couple days of recovery I was back at work and felt great.  It’s been over a year now and I’m so pleased with the results.  The surgery took years off of my appearance and I no longer look tired all the time.  There are no visible scars and my lower lids are now even, smooth and rejuvenated.

I’m so grateful to Dr. Hall for all of his skill, vision and professionalism.  He is a brilliant plastic surgeon and a wonderful guy.  I would recommend a consultation with Dr. Hall to any man who feels as though his eyes are prematurely showing his age.


BL, Austin, TX