Gravity has unexpected consequences and, from time to time, we find ourselves fighting bulges and fatty protrusions in the lower region of our body. Conditions like poor skin elasticity and cellulite can be caused by sun damage, aging, genetics, a past pregnancy or weight fluctuations, but there is a solution. A lower body lift can provide a rejuvenated, firmer appearance to the buttocks, waist, hips and thighs and—even better—all of the areas can be addressed in a single procedure.

Is a Body Lift Right for You?

As with any cosmetic surgery, a lower body lift is a very personal decision that should be reached in consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. But for those looking to heighten their self-esteem with a more toned, youthful appearance, the lower body lift could be just what the doctor ordered. The procedure is an appropriate choice for otherwise healthy candidates carrying undesirable amounts of loose fatty tissue in the lower region of their body.

The Lower Body Lift Procedure

About the Lower Body Lift Surgery
The lower body lift is a surgical procedure that can improve shape and tone in the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. In addition, the procedure can remove excess or sagging skin and diminish cellulite problems and dimpled or irregular skin surfaces. Usually performed under general anesthesia, a lower body lift can take place in an office surgical center or hospital and may require an overnight stay. The procedure begins with a consultation and evaluation session with Dr. Jeffrey Hall during which the patient will receive information and communicate their goals.

The most common incision used in the procedure is the “bikini outline” which follows the form of a bikini bottom. The length and pattern of the incisions may vary depending on the amount and location of fatty tissue being removed. The incision lines will follow the contours of the body to create a “hidden” effect and will largely fade with time.

A lower body lift is the most effective treatment available to restore tone and create more youthful contours in the lower regions of the body. Often, the body lift is performed in tandem with other cosmetic procedures, like a face lift or liposuction, though that decision should be made only in consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. Results from the lift are immediate and permanent, but exercise and proper diet are essential parts of maintaining the effects of the procedure.


Before undergoing any surgical procedure, you should be aware of possible risks and side effects. Dr.Hall will determine the best course of treatment and explain any risks or side effects, including bleeding, infection, fluid accumulations, poor wound healing, skin loss, blood clots, scarring, numbness and risks associated with medications and anesthesia.

Recovery Time

Patients should begin walking at the earliest possible time, but avoid bending, lifting or straining for several days. Patients should be ready to return to light, normal tasks in two to three weeks.

Follow up

Dressing or bandages will be applied to the incision area and patients might need a compression garment to minimize swelling and help control the new contour. Small, thin tubes may be inserted to drain any excess fluid or blood that collects after the procedure. Patients will be given directions about care and medication before leaving the facility and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled.