Breast reconstruction surgery does more than restore a woman’s appearance—it restores a sense of wholeness. It is an integral part of the healing process helping her reclaim her sense of dignity and rebuild her self image.

Is breast reconstruction right for you?

This caring procedure is a restorative technique used when one or both breasts have been lost due to mastectomy following an illness or injury. It is a deeply personal choice for women seeking to restore a sense of wholeness and move on with their recovery process. Breast reconstruction surgery reforms a breast using implants and/or muscle, fat and tissue from another part of the body. The reconstructed breast provides a relatively natural look and feel that is virtually indistinguishable under clothing.

About Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Breast reconstruction surgery can be used to reform one or both breasts. In the case of one breast reconstruction, women may choose to have enlargement or reduction surgery on the opposite breast to achieve aesthetic symmetry. There are a number of techniques that can be used in reconstructing a breast. A “flap” technique uses existing skin from another location to build the breast mound, providing a more natural feel. A tissue expansion procedure uses healthy tissue that remains attached to its original site, maintaining blood flow and sensitivity. In many cases, an implant or expander will be inserted surgically to form the breast mound. The initial procedure takes place in a hospital setting and may require a short stay. Other items of note:

  • The process of breast reconstruction can begin at the time a mastectomy is performed, or a patient may wait until healing occurs and they have completed necessary treatments like chemotherapy
  • Depending on your choice of treatment, breast reconstruction surgery may involve a number of procedures performed over a 4-to-6-month period in order to achieve the desired results
  • While providing a natural, balanced look, the procedure cannot fully replicate the look and feel of the original breast


Dr. Jeffrey Hall is a highly experienced surgeon and the safety and comfort of our patients is our highest priority. However, no medical procedure is risk-free. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Hall will discuss possible risks which include discomfort, swelling, improper healing of incisions, infection, bleeding, scarring, visible incision lines and a loss of sensation. In the case of implant use, there is some possibility of rupture and that the patient may experience excessive firmness. Patients should be aware of possible risks related to anesthesia and medications, as well.

Recovery Time

While a short hospital stay may be required, patients normally can resume light duties within a few weeks and possibly return to work. However, some treatments require several follow-up procedures that may delay the period of full recovery. Dr. Hall will assess your treatment and provide you with detailed instructions on how to proceed and what to expect.


Swelling and some discomfort are to be expected. Dr. Hall will provide specific instructions on medications, cleaning, dressing and bandages used in the recovery process. A support bra will be required for a time and follow-up visits will be scheduled at the time of your surgery.