Piercings are popular in Austin, particularly piercings of the ears. Unfortunately, damage can result as ears become torn or pulled or stretched. Earlobe repair can take care of damage caused by piercings, heavy earrings or an accidental tearing.

Is Earlobe Repair Right for You?

If you’ve suffered damage to your earlobe due to stretching, pulling, tearing caused by a yanked earring or other accidental damage, earlobe surgery can repair the problem and restore aesthetic symmetry.

The Earlobe Repair Procedure

In this procedure, the surgeon trims away healed skin inside the pierced or torn area to have a fresh surface to build on. The fresh edges of the skin are sutured back together to close the gap and allow proper healing. More substantial damage may require a more complicated procedure to achieve the desired result.

Earlobe Gauging

Gauging of the ears has become a very popular trend. However, situations can change and a person may want to correct their earlobe tissue. Often a person is looking to enter the military or a job that requires this correction for hire. Earlobe repair is a wonderful surgical option for this. Earlobe openings can be closed with an in-office procedure that restores the natural shape of the earlobe. The procedure can be complex or simple depending on the size of the opening. Please contact our office for a complimentary assessment and customized plan.


Like any surgery, earlobe repair carries with it certain risks. Those risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, pain, swelling, bruising and problems resulting from anesthesia or allergic reactions to medications.

Recovery Time

Patients can return to work the same day. Sutures are removed in one week and the earlobe is usually repierced in one month if needed.


A follow-up visit may be needed to evaluate results and monitor healing. Your follow-up appointment, if needed, can be scheduled at the time of your surgery.


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