Forehead Lift*

Brow Lift

Austin is a city where people on the street still smile and look each other in the face. If you don’t feel like you’re putting your best face forward, consider the benefits of a brow lift, a procedure which diminishes the deep forehead lines associated with aging and sun damage.

Is a Forehead Lift Right for You?

If you’d like a more youthful appearance that can be achieved by the minimizing of deep lines and wrinkles in the forehead, then a forehead lift may be your solution. Ideal candidates are healthy adults who do not smoke, have a positive outlook and hold realistic expectations as to what the procedure can achieve.

The Forehead Lift Procedure

The procedure is individualized to a particular patient’s needs and Dr. Hall will help you determine the best course of action during your evaluation. An incision may be made along the entire scalp or a series of smaller incisions along the hairline may be used, depending on the specific needs of the patient. In an endoscopic forehead lift, a surgical telescope is used to elevate the brow and smooth lines and wrinkles from the forehead.


As with any surgery, patients should understand the risks before having a forehead lift procedure. Risks include scarring, bruising, hair loss at the point of incision, pain, bleeding, infection, numbness and complications resulting from anesthesia or allergic reactions to medication.

Recovery Time

The brow lift is normally performed as an outpatient procedure and patients may resume light activities within a few days. Most patients return to work within a week of the procedure, though swelling may take several weeks to subside.


A follow-up visit is necessary to evaluate the results and monitor healing. The follow-up appointment will be scheduled at the time of your surgery.

*Actual results may vary from patient to patient. We cannot make any guarantees on individual outcomes.