Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center Announces the Addition of BodyTite and FaceTite

When patients elect to undergo fat reduction and skin-tightening cosmetic procedures, one of the most common concerns is scarring and lingering laxity to the skin post fat reduction. While plastic surgery is intended to leave you looking and feeling beautiful, you may be worried that your procedure will also leave troublesome scarring and residual skin laxity that’s virtually impossible to get rid of.

For years, many clients have stayed away from the cosmetic procedures such as an abdominoplasty, facelift, or brachioplasty because they’re so concerned about the length of scarring involved.

Luckily, the times are changing, and there’s a new (FDA approved technology) in the world of plastic surgery: minimally invasive radio frequency-assisted procedures designed to tighten and contour the face and body, with minimal scarring. These procedures are becoming more popular with patients around the country.

Here at Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center, Dr. Jeffrey Hall, our board-certified plastic surgeon with over 22 years in the business is proud to be one of the first practices in Austin to introduce this technology into the market. BodyTite and FaceTite is designed to promote tighter, more toned skin without the risk of lengthy scarring. BodyTite and FaceTite represent exciting new waves in the world of cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation.

BodyTite: Tighter Skin, Contoured Skin for a More Confident Life

Do you want to look younger? Feel slimmer? Look better in clothes and on the beach? If so, BodyTite is your solution. Designed to offer powerful skin tightening across the entire body, BodyTite helps restore your youthful appearance and increase confidence.

While it’s effective as a body sculpting procedure, BodyTite is especially notable for its incredible depth of treatment and minimal risk of scarring. During procedures like breast lifts and brachioplasty, BodyTite makes it possible for Dr. Hall to ensure outstanding results without unwanted scars.

How it Works

BodyTite is designed for both internal and external lipolysis. Before the advent of BodyTite, people who wanted similar results had to undergo much more extensive surgical procedures, which left behind undesirable scars.

Today, however, BodyTite eliminates the need for multiple invasive procedures. By utilizing RFAL, or Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis, BodyTite creates a unique and highly effective three-dimensional contraction of the dermis. What’s more, since BodyTite can offer a 50mm (2”) depth of treatment, it’s especially effective in hard-to-contour areas that require precision.

BodyTite initiates contractions in both the subdermal connective tissue and the deep fat tissues, and creates uniform heat, which it then dispenses throughout the body’s soft tissue matrix. These functionalities create widespread results and long-lasting skin tightening and contouring.

In addition to being effective, BodyTite offers built-in safety mechanisms. These include real-time skin temperature measurements, impedance monitoring, rapid power cut-off availability, and audible feedback – all of which are designed to help ensure patient safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Being at the forefront of aesthetic innovation, a new BodyTite cannula has been developed by InMode Aesthetic Solutions to deliver expanded power up to 40 watts. This additional power allows the treatment to be done more efficiently and in less time. Hall Plastic Surgery is one of the first in the Austin area to offer this new technological advancement.

FaceTite: A More Youthful Appearance Starts Here

Your face is the window to your soul, the platform for first impressions, and the expressive portion of your body by which people remember you. Of course, you want it to look beautiful!

Unfortunately, tightening the skin with a facelift can result in scarring that leaves you feeling self-conscious and unhappy. That’s where FaceTite comes in. Designed to provide a path to younger, more beautiful, tighter skin, FaceTite is rapidly becoming one of our most popular procedures.

How it Works

FaceTite is a cutting-edge contouring solution designed to restore youthful appearance, elasticity, and tone to the face and other small areas of the body. Capable of offering a 25 mm (1”) depth of treatment, FaceTite works beneath the skin’s surface to tighten the dermis and achieve an elegant, perfectly contoured appearance.

By using FaceTite, cosmetic surgery specialists can achieve results that mimic the rejuvenation offered by a facelift or even a brachioplasty, but without the requirement that they perform surgery, and without the risk of scarring.

To achieve these results, FaceTite uses a non-aspirating cannula with a plastic tip. The procedure is minimally invasive, safe, and innovative, this cannula is inserted sub-dermally and helps specialists work below the skin safely and quickly. In addition to providing a less invasive route to facial rejuvenation, FaceTite also simplifies RF-inspired tissue contraction and contouring.

During a FaceTite procedure, the surgeon works with the contours of your face to create a beautiful and healthy-looking finished product, without the scarring or healing time required by standard surgical options.

The ultimate approach to “having your cake and eating it, too,” FaceTite is a safe, efficient, rapid solution to younger-looking skin.

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