By Dr Jeffrey Hall – Follow me on Google+

Many women set out to change their appearance through a variety of different plastic surgery procedures, none more common than breast augmentation.

Unfortunately, many women go in with the idea of achieving ‘perfection’, which is simply an unrealistic expectation. When approaching breast augmentation, the most healthy outlook and expectation should be, simply, improvement and enhancement.

In order to achieve satisfaction with your breast augmentation, you should ask your surgeon the following questions:

  1. What size will look best for me? Many women go under the false assumption that a breast augmentation surgeon will give you any size breasts you want. While some surgeons may do just that, chances are, you will be disappointed if he or she doesn’t encourage you to get the size that will suit your body and explain to you how he or she arrived at their conclusion.
  2. What type of breast implant do you use? Back in the 90’s, the FDA banned the use of silicone gel implants and, as a result, surgeons’ only option was to use a saline implant. Fortunately, technology has improved and a new generation of silicone implants has evolved, which are approved by the FDA and are safe. Most surgeons use a silicone implant or a gel-based implant for their patients and have outstanding success rates with either choice.
  3. Where will my incision be located? A surgeon who has significant expertise in breast augmentation will be able to conceal your surgical incision right in the crease, under the breast.

Recovery Period

There are various philosophies regarding recovery from breast augmentation surgery. Some surgeons believe in a quick, rapid recovery and advocate getting back to your normal routine the day of surgery. Other surgeons subscribe to a more lax recovery period and encourage you to get back to your normal schedule quickly, but not to overdo it. Make sure you understand and adhere to your surgeon’s advice on recovery.

After you have asked the above questions (along with any others you may have), you’re fully comfortable with the decision to have breast augmentation surgery and the surgeon you chose is the best pick for you, you’ve answered the biggest questions about the surgery and now all there’s left is to just do it!