A forehead lift is a surgical procedure that addresses telltale signs of aging in the upper portion of the face. By smoothing away facial creases and lifting the forehead and eyebrows, you can effectively refresh your entire appearance. There are many reasons why a forehead lift might be the right choice for you.

Goodbye Forehead Creases
Horizontal forehead creases are often one of the first aging signs to appear on the face. These lines can make you look worried or sad all the time, even when you are not. By lifting and removing excess skin from the forehead, we can effectively smooth away those creases and make them virtually undetectable and giving you a more youthful look overall.

Eliminate Drooping Eyebrows
As skin on the face loses its laxity, the eyebrows can begin to droop and sag. Known as “brow ptosis,” this process can age you or make you look perpetually tired. A forehead lift effectively raises the eyebrows to their original position, making you look refreshed and awake once again. In some cases, raising a drooping brow may even improve your line of vision.

No More Angry Look
Vertical lines between your eyebrows are another frequent telltale sign of the aging process. Many individuals do not like these lines, known as frown lines, because they make the person look angry or worried. While injectable treatments can effectively get rid of frown lines, they only provide temporary results. A forehead lift offers similar results to injectables, but on a more permanent basis.

Refresh Tired Eyes
Some patients assume when their eyes begin to look droopy that it is time for eyelid surgery. While this procedure may be helpful in waking up tired eyes, if brow ptosis is causing the problem, eyelid surgery may not help. A brow lift can effectively open up the eyes by raising the brow line off of them. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if you need a forehead lift, eyelid surgery or a combination of the two.

Customizable Options
There are many different techniques in brow lifts that are performed today. A traditional brow lift uses an incision that spans across the hairline to address significant sagging and signs of aging. Endoscopic brow lifts use much smaller incisions and special tools to remove excess skin and tissue and create a smoother upper profile. Your surgery can be tailored to fit your specific needs and desired outcome.

A forehead lift effectively reduces signs of aging on the upper face, while creating a smoother, more youthful facial profile. To learn more about this procedure, contact Hall Plastic Surgery at 855-851-4832.