DermaScalp™ 272 / 80

The DermaScalp Laser Cap utilizes 272 or 80 medical grade laser diodes that are embeded in an insert that completely saturates the scalp to maximize the amount of laser energy that can be absorbed during a treatment. One can choose the 272 or the 80 depending on their needs.


For Men and Women this kit helps to combat sudden hair loss  and helps to promote stronger, fuller and healthier-looking hair in three easy steps!

Each kit includes a comprehensive three month hair loss regimen that will prepare, revitalize, and nourish.

Hair Restorative Supplements

Collagen Builder provides a choline-stabilized formulation of orthosilicic acid (OSA), which naturally nourishes your body’s beauty proteins: Elastin, Keratin, and Collagen. This patented technology allows for easy absorption for maximum results. Patients can expect to see the following benefits of regular use:

• Softening to Fine Lines and Wrinkles*
• Nourishing the hair follicles for Thicker, Stronger Hair*
• Stronger Nails with less breakage and splintering*
• Enhanced Bone Mineral Density*
• Added Joint Flexibility*

Help Hair Shake

Support Your Hair Rejuvenation
Results in as little as 6-8 weeks
Thicker, Fuller Hair Growth in 4-6 months.

• Accelerated Growth Rate
• Less Shedding and Shock Loss
• Thicker, Fuller Existing Hair
• Enhanced Quality of Donor/Transplant Hair Follicles
• Shinier, more nourished hair

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