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The Pixel® 2940 Erbium laser is an FDA approved resurfacing laser that can dramatically improve the skin’s appearance with a lot less downtime and discomfort than traditional resurfacing. During each treatment, the laser creates thousands of microscopic spots known as “pixels.” The laser beam passes through the patented Pixel lens and penetrates the skin creating an ablative and thermal effect that stimulates the skin to produce collagen, which results in superficial tightening and improved texture.

Pixel® is a safe and very effective way to treat sun damage, acne scars, rough texture, enlarges pores, and fine lines on the face, neck, chest and hands with relatively little downtime. The number of treatments needed varies depending on the client, the degree of damage to the skin, and the desired results. However, most clients require three to five treatments spaced about four weeks apart. Clients can expect to see improvement in the quality of the skin, as well as, the color and texture, within a week or two after the treatment, but significant improvement will be seen after the series of treatments is complete.

AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Technology)

The Harmony Medical, advanced florescent technology or AFT, is the very latest in photo-thermal treatments for vascular and pigmented lesions, as well as, photo rejuvenation. Unlike other pulsed light systems, AFT is more of a flat wave instead of a spiked wave. Thus, the likelihood of adverse side effects, which can occur with other systems, is reduced.

Photo Rejuvenation is a non-invasive, highly targeted treatment that uses pulsed light energy to effectively treat irregular pigmentation and vascular lesions in most skin types. Treatments are fast and relatively painless. Downtime is minimal but may include slight to moderate redness immediately following the treatment and mild swelling. AFT pulsed light is not accompanied by an extended period of redness and swelling, nor does it involve ablation of the upper layer of skin.

It is generally recommended that a client have three to five treatments spaced two to four weeks apart. While some people may see significant improvement in fewer than three treatments, others may require more than five depending on the severity of photo aging present. It is imperative that individuals minimize sun exposure prior to and following treatments. Self-tanner should also be avoided for two weeks prior to treatment. Results of the procedure can be seen within four to seven days after the treatment, however, more significant improvements are seen when the series of treatments is complete.