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Austin has a busy lifestyle and its residents are constantly looking for ways to save time. Permanent make-up is a popular procedure that can greatly improve your morning routine. Our permanent makeup artist uses manual or digital methodology to create long-lasting results similar to those achieved with topical makeup.

Is Permanent Make-Up Right for You?

Make-up can do wonders for one’s appearance, adding color where it’s most effective and enhancing natural, physical attributes. However, applying topical make-up is a time-consuming process that can interfere with an individual’s productivity and take hours away from their day. If you’re looking for an alternative to your normal make-up routine—one that enhances your features 24 hours a day—then permanent make-up is a desirable option. In addition, the procedure can achieve satisfactory results for persons with sparse or light-colored eyebrows, thin lashes, or pale, uneven lips.

The Permanent Make-Up Procedure

Permanent Make-up, also called micropigmentation, places color in the dermal layer of the skin, similar to tattooing. The procedure provides results similar to topical make-up, but for a much longer period. While the procedure may not eliminate the need for topical make-up entirely, it does provide constant, natural-looking coloration and an enhanced effect that will not smudge, smear or wipe-off. Among the more popular procedures are eyebrow coloration, eyeliner and full-lip color. A numbing agent or dental block will be used during the procedure and the patient might experience a sensation similar to eyebrow tweezing.


Risks and side-effects are part of every cosmetic procedure and your permanent makeup artist will provide a full overview of potential hazards prior to your treatment. Normally, side effects are minimal with the application of permanent make-up. They may include temporary discomfort and swelling. If you are prone to fever blisters, you’ll need to take Valtrex or another antiviral prior to or after the lipcolor procedure.

Recovery Time

Under normal circumstances, people who undergo the procedure can return to their usual routine very quickly. Results are immediate, however, the color will initially be darker and then lighten over a period of weeks. Your permanent makeup artist will evaluate the results and schedule a follow-up session. Despite the name, permanent makeup is not truly “permanent” and will require touch-ups every two to five years to maintain the desired effect.