Eyebrows are one of the main focal points that frame the face.  Eyebrows have gone through many phases and styles over the years ranging from various pencil applications to professional eyebrow design. At Hall Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Center, we believe a great eyebrow shape gives you a youthful appearance.

We’re proud to introduce Microblading. This procedure is a specific technique of permanent makeup tattooing that will perfect your eyebrow shape and look. Choose from full reconstruction, defining, covering gaps or scars, and filling in over tweezing. Microblading is completely customizable and designed to fit what you want.

Microblading vs. Permanent Makeup
Both permanent makeup and Microblading are a form of tattoo treatment.  Depth and technique are the main differences between the two popular procedures. Microblading does not go as deep into the skin as permanent makeup so the color will fade, allowing you to keep moving with the trends. While permanent makeup is just an overall shading of the brow area, Microblading is an individual hair stroke technique designed to give the optical illusion of actual hair.  Both techniques will fade over time and will require touch up every few years.

Is Microblading a one-time procedure?

After the initial Microblading treatment, the pigment may fade anywhere from 20-50%.  At Hall Plastic Surgery Center and Rejuvenation, you’ll receive a follow up visit for a complimentary touch up procedure. This appointment can be scheduled between 4 and 6 weeks after the initial procedure. Our goal is to achieve the best results possible. Consultations and treatments can be done on the same day. We can also schedule consultations prior to procedures.

Will my eyebrow color fade?

Several factors can cause the pigment to fade. Every person has unique skin and reacts to pigment differently. For this reason, we’ve chosen to include the follow up visit with our Microblading service. Our specialist will provide a review of your skin tone and pigment options that will maintain color and maximize the treatment.

How long will my eyebrows last?

After the follow up visit, we can give you a more accurate expectation as to length of results.  On average, the brows will last approximately 1 to 4 years, but can be touched up yearly so that we can keep your eyebrows looking their best.

Am I a good candidate for Microblading?

Microblading is safe for all skin tones.  If you’re in good general health and you want to perfect your brows, we’d enjoy the opportunity to work with you. Microblading is available to anyone wanting to change or perfect their shape without the hassle of a daily makeup routine. You must be in good general health and not undergoing any serious medical treatment at the time of procedure. Microblading is also not recommended for patients who are pregnant or nursing.


What can I expect during treatment?

Microblading begins with a thorough consultation so you will understand the process completely. We want to know your expectations, so we can give your brows the look you want. We will guide you through different brow shapes, customizing the perfect look that is right for you. Once you approve the shape we’ve created together, we can begin the process.  The procedure includes a numbing application for the brow area. We numb the area continuously during the treatment for maximum comfort. Upon completion, you will receive your post treatment instructions to ensure proper healing. As mentioned above, your new brows could fade up to 50% after the initial treatment. We will schedule your complimentary follow up that will include a color “touch up”. There are a few days of minor down time following Microblading. Plan for a time that works well with your schedule.