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Have you wanted a healthy solution to having a beautiful sun-kissed glow year round? Organic Spray Tanning is a perfect solution, providing a beautiful, natural-looking tan without the damage and premature aging that occurs with frequent sun exposure. Say goodbye to tanning beds and orange colored car wash tans, our organic spray tan solution provides a customizable, chemical, and paraben-free approach to your healthy glow.

The active ingredient in our tanning solution is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), an ingredient that occurs naturally in sugar beets and is FDA-approved for cosmetic use. Our solution is also infused with other hydrating and therapeutic ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, a combination that creates a beautiful and longer lasting tan.


Thoroughly exfoliate before your tan; we suggest a mitt exfoliator for maximum exfoliation prior to the tan application. Our solution will adhere to the skin better if it’s clean – lotion, perfume and deodorants can act as a barrier and keep the color from developing properly, so it’s best to avoid them prior to your appointment. Any waxing, shaving, mani’s and pedi’s should be done prior to your tan. Should you need them, we will provide wipes or spray to remove products and prep your skin for your tan at your appointment.

Make-up can be left on if you wish but it will prevent the tan from fully darkening and will give more of a ‘just off the beach’ glow. It is important not to shower immediately after the tan as it takes 8-10 hours to fully develop. Once your tan has set, you are free to shower, sweat, and use any liquids on the skin.

We suggest bringing dark colored, loose fitting clothes and flip flops to put on after your tan. Our tinted solution can come off on the inside of your clothes right after you have been sprayed, though a rinse in the wash will eliminate any of our tanning solution from clothing or bedding.


The key to keeping a sunless tan is to hydrate. Drink plenty of water and moisturize once or twice a day. We suggest the Tan Can Body Butter, a moisture-rich, paraben-free lotion perfect for keeping skin smooth, hydrated and young looking. Keeping your skin moisturized will also ensure you have an even, flawless fade.

Avoid saunas, steam rooms and chlorinated water; they will decrease the life of your tan and possibly result in uneven fading.


Your tan should last anywhere from 7-10 days.

The longevity of the tan is dependent also on the length of your showers, how often you exercise and sweat, the products you use (alpha hydroxy can wear a tan down faster) and how often you moisturize. We do offer products that will help extend the life of your tan. Our Bikini Attitude Lotion and Spray are great options for longevity.