Recent research has confirmed that maintaining optimal weight through eating healthy helps to prevent many of the most common diseases. However, there is more to healthy eating then “following paleo,” and guzzling kale smoothies every morning. Each person has a unique constitution and that’s why it’s so important to work with a practitioner to determine what lifestyle changes will be most helpful for you as individual.

Our food philosophy is centered around real foods in their whole food form with an emphasis on organic and/or local produce. Your practitioner can help to identify what macronutrient ratio and calorie range is optimal for your body to maintain its healthy weight naturally. We also use professional-grade supplements to enhance patient’s results. Once a patient learns to incorporate and emphasize whole foods in their diet in the right quantities they will naturally maintain a healthy weight and experience optimal energy levels.

Clients may select from a number of different consultation approaches depending on their expectations and goals. We work with individuals in a number of arenas including individual health coaching, medical nutrition therapy, weight management programs, and hormone and micronutrient deficiency balancing. From your initial appointment, Hall Wellness seeks to understand your goals and customize a program for success. One-on-one consultations provide clients with individual attention and customized plans for success. Schedule a free 15 minute session with our nutritionist to see what plan will work best for you.