TICKLE LIPO™ featured on the national TV show

//TICKLE LIPO™ featured on the national TV show

TICKLE LIPO™ featured on the national TV show

A patient is followed through her TICKLE LIPO™ with Dr. Sandra Lee, and her results will be revealed on the show.

PRLog (Press Release) – Dr. Sandra Lee has taped a story on TICKLE LIPO™ for a segment to be included in the Nov. 5th broadcast of the top-rated national television show “The Doctors”.

The show recently taped Dr. Lee at her Upland, CA office as she performed Tickle Lipo on a female patient. About a week later, Dr. Lee and her patient completed the segment taping at The Doctors TV set in Hollywood, where Dr. Lee demonstrated the action of the unique rotating cannula that is used in the Tickle Lipo system. Her patient then reveals her newly contoured look.

Laughter and liposuction are not usually mentioned in the same sentence, but TICKLE LIPO™ is unique because of the tickling feeling that many patients feel during the procedure, rather than the pain associated with traditional liposuction. A special cannula that produces vibration causes the tickling sensation and tricks the nerves into thinking there’s no pain.

See before and after pictures of Tickle Lipo™ results performed at Hall Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Center

TICKLE LIPO, also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L), is a liposuction and fat harvesting process that utilizes the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture system (N.I.L.) and is FDA approved for fat removal and body sculpting. Medical Alliance Services distributes the Tickle Lipo system in the United States.