Do you have an area of your face that needs lifting, tightening, or toning, but you don’t want surgery? Or you’ve already had a surgical procedure such as a facelift or browlift, and you want to keep maintaining those results? Ulthera is the perfect non-invasive, FDA approved device that can help accomplish your anti-aging goals.

At Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center, you will not only have highly experienced staff, such as myself treating you, but you will have a customized treatment plan to fit your individual needs. Those induvial needs could include “off label” treatments.  What does ‘off label” mean? It means we can treat your knees or elbows, your thighs, or even your arms.  We’re not restricted to only the face, neck, or chest.

As someone who had a facelift in 2015, I use Ulthera to help maintain my results and to address the fine lines and skin laxity. Typically I try to get myself a treatment once a year and sometimes boost those treatments with focused areas throughout the years. Focused areas include brows, under eyes, jowls, upper lip, crows-feet. The treatment can be done on three different depths and can be used with other modalities. Our belief and philosophy in our office is combination therapy is the key to any great cosmetic treatment and beautiful glowing skin.

If you’re looking to get more information about this service, we welcome you to join us for our Ulthera event on August 27th at our Westlake office. The event will take place from 7am-7pm. AND AS A SWEET TREAT we are adding a second day on Wednesday, August 29th at our Cedar Park office!


Great skin doesn’t happen by chance it happens by appointment.