Ultherapy-Skin Tightening That Works

//Ultherapy-Skin Tightening That Works

Ultherapy-Skin Tightening That Works

I am back from my blogging hiatus. I am excited to announce the addition of a new modality to our practice called Ultherapy® . It is something that caught my attention in the fall last year. We have always been interested in something that will tighten the face without surgery. However, the issue is does it work effectively and is it safe?  Up until now the technologies have been very inconsistent and sometimes very painful. Also,  much of the marketing by the companies selling them is hype vs. reality. From my standpoint I want to see the science behind the technology and judge the results based on input from my respected unbiased colleagues who are experts in the field. Ultherapy® has delivered, and my colleagues have given it their endorsement. We brought the ultrasound technology in a few weeks ago and have treated a number of patients. Their results have been amazing across the board. It is tightening their neck and face along with elevating their brows – all without surgery! There is no downtime or recovery with the procedure. The results peak at three to six months and should last over two years. Physicians in Europe are seeing results last three to five years. The ultrasound based technology targets the energy in the dermis and the muscle layers with a focused thermal injury that stimulates new collagen production/tightening. Other technologies have not been able to do this and as a result have had less effect or success. I was so impressed with it that I personally had a treatment at our Ultherapy® event. There is some discomfort with it that can vary with each person. We typically perform nerve blocks and offer oral sedatives to our patients. They have tolerated the treatments very well. This technology is another piece of the puzzle and allows more choice to tailor the right treatment for our patients both surgical and non-surgical.

Ultherapy Before

Ultherapy After