OB/GYN-designed for postpartum and menopausal women, our patented combination of red-lights, gentle heat, and sonic technology will help you improve vaginal health and sexual function. When choosing the  vFit PLUS(our professional strength model available exclusively through Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center), you are on your way to a more confident you.
  • Quick: Less then 12 minutes per day
  • Effective: 9 out of 10 experience results*
  • Fast: Noticeable benefits within 3 weeks*
  • Safe: Non-invasive and hormone-free
  • Easy: Use in privacy of your home

* Individual Results may vary

About vFit Plus

Red Light (LEDs)
vFit uses UV-free red lights (LEDs) in the 662nm wavelength, chosen for their safety profile and optimal wellness results. They are powered to glow brightly, which helps deliver maximum benefits. While they are based on the same technology invented by NASA in the 1960s and are used in many aesthetic products today, we are the first company in the world that uses them to help improve intimate wellness.
Gentle Heat
vFit emits a gentle heat intended to warm the vaginal tissue and encourage blood flow. This gentle heat also amplifies the results that come from the LEDs. Most women report the heat is very pleasant and comfortable. Since everyone’s body is different, if the heat becomes too warm for you, please stop the session. We recommend you start at the 6-minute session and increase session times when your body becomes comfortable with the gentle heat.
Sonic Technology
vFit has several sonic vibration modes for your customization; 6 with vFit and 10 with vFit PLUS. Each mode is a different vibration pattern. Test all available patterns and choose the one that you most enjoy. Your vFit will store the last mode you used for more than one-minute as your favorite, and it will start at that mode on your next session.
Photonic Gel
We created a specialized gel to use with vFit. This ultra-concentrated, water-based gel infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe, two ingredients that help moisturize, will enhance your vFit performance and comfort.