Turk Pipkin's Nobelity Project

With the holidays coming upon us quickly the atmosphere of giving increases. This is a special time and most of us have fond memories of our childhood when we got a special gift from Santa. Unfortunately, if we look at the world as a whole this type of experience is the exception rather than the rule. My wife and I are very blessed and realize that we cannot take this for granted. One of the ways we can show this is by giving or helping the less fortunate. We understand that the simple things like food, water and clothing can be luxuries in other countries as well as our own. Also, these needs are not just during the holidays but are year round. Both of us have traveled to parts of the world and have seen people in need. It gives you a different perspective that is hard to express in words. You are able to board a plane and leave the suffering behind, but the suffering still remains. I can remember there being charity groups for places like Africa since I was a child. One may ask why haven’t things changed and why do they still need help? Where is our money going and shouldn’t we help the needy here first? Yes, some of our charity has been wasted by corrupt people in power and the poor have not been help. However, times are a changing and our giving is now making a difference. Organizations like the ONE organization and DATA have shown us that it can. Locally, the Nobelity Project with Turk Pipkin and the A Glimmer Of Hope foundation with Philip Berber are changing lives in Africa with their work. Being a fan of U2 I have seen Bono make this cause his passion. He is not in it for the glory. We have seen him speak on two separate occasions. He made the point that the most needy person in the United States is so much better off than the same person in Africa. Whether a person lives or dies can be determined by where a person is born in Africa. Hardly the case in the US or in developed countries. So, lets empower one another to give not just during the holidays but year round to change another’s life. I know I can. Can YOU?