Working out is so important to our health and well-being and even more important when you love doing it! I personally enjoy working out, and even more so with my family. It can be easy for your workouts to become routine and boring which is why I try to mix it up and vary what I do from riding my Peloton at home, walking in my neighborhood, or going to HCI to do a fitness class. I love that our kids enjoy it with both my husband and I. Sometimes were even blessed with pure entertainment and catch them working out on my Peloton.

For some people working out can be a chore, but for me it’s not. It’s an investment and what you get out of exercising depends on what you put in. The benefits for me are not just losing weight and looking better in my clothes, it’s the long term benefits to my own health. Sure, in the middle of a challenging workout you wonder why you are doing it, but when you’re done you are so thankful that you did.

Another important aspect of working out is nutrition. I know that when I maximize on nutrition I can perform better in my workouts. I can really feel the difference in my stamina and recovery. So, I avoid any processed foods and eat as man organic balanced foods as possible. Also, my metabolism is changing as I age and I take supplements to help with this.

All -in-all, exercise has become a big part of my life, whether I want it to be or not! So it seems better to embrace all that comes with working out and give it my all!