The battle has begun over how best to reduce fat without invasive surgery. I have been patiently and curiously waiting to see where technology would send us in this endeavor. For years we have had surgical options to contour the body, usually with liposuction to reduce the fat layer-fullness. However, not everyone is excited about surgery: the cost, the risk and the down time. So offering a procedure that is non-invasive, low risk and has minimal downtime, is something I have eagerly anticipated adding to my practice. There have been procedures that have claimed to work, but the results up until now have been disappointing. Recently, there has been a great deal of press about external laser fat reduction using ZERONA™. It essentially reduces volume by shrinking the size of the fat cell. It is relatively painless and requires a series of treatments. There is no down time, but it can be expensive since the results are only temporary. As a result, I have not jumped on the bandwagon for this procedure. Also, physicans using this procedure typically rent out a machine on an as-needed basis, limiting their ability to control quality. I have tried to stay abreast of emerging technologies and recently read an article about ZELTIQ™ in which I recognized one of the quoted physicians who had used the machine with encouraging results. Next, I did my own research and found out that the technology made sense and the results were predictable. Simply put, the machine causes a cold thermal injury to the fat cell called cryolipolysis that destroys the fat cell permanently without damaging the surrounding tissue. Areas that have been successfully treated include the abdomen, flanks, back and thighs. The treatment is painless without downtime or recovery with the area treated losing 25-40 percent of volume. The volume loss occurs over a two to four month period as the body absorbs the destroyed fat cells.  It is ideal for people that are unable to lose volume in these difficult areas that we previously could only offer liposuction. ZELTIQ™, from my standpoint, has won the battle. Approximately two months ago I had a treatment done on my abdomen and have been impressed with the results. You can see the video of my procedure here: [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47wvL7K2548]

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