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Zyto is Here

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How does one know what supplements to take or what could be making you feel less than perfect? We have partnered with Peoples Pharmacy to bring in a new technology to help answer these questions called Zyto Bio Feedback. They have been using it with very positive results. The Zyto Bio Feedback machine is a unique tool for locating deficiencies in the body and determining which specific dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental changes will have the most lasting impact on bringing the body into homeostasis.The Zyto machine monitors the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) of the body, interprets it, and decodes it into the computer system.  This virtual conversation with the body allows the machine to precisely determine what deficiencies are present and what specific changes will work to return balance to the body. We are going to integrate this information to maximize our patient’s health for the best surgical experience and recovery. Also, we are offering it as a way of achieving the  wellness program that meets your specific needs.