At Hall Plastic Surgery we support the transgender community and are honored to assist transgender, transsexual, and the gender nonconforming through their transition. There can be a number of factors related to appearance that we can address with different treatments and procedures. These treatments can address characteristics that will make a person look and feel more feminine or masculine.


We offer state-of-the-art treatments in laser hair removal as well as hair restoration (transplantation or laser) to assist the transgender community with achieving a more masculine or feminine appearance. Through laser hair removal, we can provide tailored treatments to create a more desired appearance. Laser hair removal to the face, armpits, chest, buttocks and genital areas can all help achieve a softer, more feminine look. Alternately, male pattern hair loss can create challenges in achieving a natural feminine hair line. We can restore this hair loss with customized hair grafting treatments to give a more feminine appearance. Hair grafting can also add masculinity to the face by placing individual grafts to the brow area and adding facial hair.

Facial Reshaping

Facial shape is important in distinguishing differences in gender. Women tend to have a heart shaped face and men a square shape. So, in the MTF transition, making the face more of a heart shape can be achieved with simple, and in some cases more complex, surgical procedures. Simpler procedures include lip augmentation, browlift, and cheek enhancement with fat injections or implants. More complex procedures are related to bone reshaping of the face and neck.
For the FTM transition, contours of the face can be made more angular and masculine with implants, fat grafting, and fillers as well.


Breast augmentation with implants or breast reduction can be done to achieve a more desired physique. In most cases, some breast development has occurred with hormonal supplementation but individuals want greater enhancement with augmentation by implants or fat grafting. This procedure is tailored to the individual and the specific volume that’s desired. In a FTM transition, a breast reduction approaching a mastectomy can be done to create a male pectoral shape.

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