Today it is very confusing to everyone on what is fact vs. marketing when it comes to liposuction. The newest is intriguing but does it deliver. I was listening on the radio and heard an advertisement for Smartlipo® and have seen ads in local magazines for Zerona®. Both are presented to us as advantages over traditional techniques used to contour the body. Do they make scientific sense and what are the outcomes or results? Also, are they being done by board certified surgeons who have trained in accredited programs in which this type of surgery is part of their training? I have seen the companies and websites showing their results. They all look good. However, are they going to show you any of the bad results and do they inform you of the potential complications? The conflict arises when the technology is expensive to the provider and they need to recoup their investment. My opinion is to understand the technology and make sure it makes scientific sense before using it no matter what the cost is obtain it. Also, would I perform it on a family member? There are some new things happening in liposuction including Custom Accoustic Liposuction that may make body contouring with liposuction a better experience for the surgeon and the patient. We will have to wait and see if they deliver what they promise.