HydraFacial, or sometimes referred to as the modern-day microdermabrasion, is a luxury skin treatment that will leave your skin feeling smoother, brighter, plump, hydrated and clean. This versatile treatment option is effective in addressing an array of concerns including acne, fine lines and wrinkles, persistent skin conditions (rosacea, sun damage, etc.), facial dryness, and other minor concerns related to skin health. The multi-step process is customizable and safe for all skin types.

What to expect during a HydraFacial treatment?
It’s pretty rare to find a facial that works for everyone and has zero downtime, but HydraFacial is just that.

  • Detoxification: This is the first step of the Hydrafacial. During this step, a small glass suction device is gently glided across the skin to manipulate the lymphatic system. Improved lymphatic circulation removes toxins from the body, increases blood flow, providing oxygen to revive the skin.
  • Exfoliation: The exfoliating tips work as a vacuum to gently suck and twist the skin. The suction and twisting motion are used to gently remove dead skin cells and surface debris, all while infusing a serum (customizable for your skin type) to protect and hydrate the skin.
  • Acids: The HydraFacial Gly-Sal blend is a combination of Glycolic and Salicylic acid. This very mild peel is used to deep clean the pores by gently pressing the acid solution all over the skin. This step help break up congestion, kill acne causing bacteria, and reveal brighter skin.
  • Extractions: Using a serum/strong suction combination to draw out blackheads, whiteheads and oil trapped in the skin. This is typically everyone’s favorite step as you can feel it working!
  • Correcting Serum: Here you and your provider will choose a serum that will most benefit your skin. We can target rosacea, pigmentation, anti-aging using a potent growth factor, or collagen production using Alastin’s patented Tri-Hex technology. These powerful correctional boosters are a highly recommended optional add on that take your HydraFacial to the next level.
  • Serum Infusion: During the final step of your HydraFacial treatment, we will infuse the skin with protecting antioxidants, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and collagen-supporting peptides. Antioxidants are imperative for skin health as they protect against all the outside elements (ie. free radicals and smog), UV and blue light damage, and aid in cellular repair.

Unlike with some other facials, there is no downtime after a HydraFacial. You will notice immediate results from your treatment – as soon as you leave the facial room, your skin will instantly feel smoother, any acne will be less inflamed, you will notice immense hydration and have that desired selfie glow. Whether you have a specific skin concern or are just in need a refresh, HydraFacial is a great option!

Tip: If you want to see what exactly the HydraFacial pulled from your skin, don’t forget to ask to see the oh-so-satisfying “gunk-jar!”