Ok, so I am going to be very transparent and real. I could write a Blog on how fantastic it is to be a Mommy and sugar coat it, but I am not going to. Don’t get me wrong I love being a Mom and it brings so much joy to my life but it is the most exhausting job. For me personally I am a better Mom for working but it defiantly puts more pressure and strain on the situation. Especially not only do I work but I am running a busy office with two locations. And most of you ladies know we also run the house, true The Husband is the man of the house, but us women make it happen.

For my/our personal situation it is much harder to have a strict home with no electronics. Yes, we have electronics but our kids DO NOT have their own personal devices. I have said so many times it would be much easier if we did allow them to have a cell phone, iPad and television at their fingertips 24 hours a day. We have made a decision not to allow this for so many reasons…too many to go into at this point. It would be easier for me to do their chores than to listen to the complaining and teach them how to properly do things.

With that being said, the moment I walk into my house I am wearing multiple hats and trying to juggle them all at the same time. A woman that needs to take care of myself and my health, a woman that needs to have personal quality time in prayer, a wife who needs to serve and respect my husband, a Mommy that needs to be 100% committed and focused, a business owner that needs to get all my damn emails, text and to-do-list completed, make sure homework is completed, house hold errands are complete, house is clean and dinner is on the table. Then dinner time and then bedtime.  Wake up and start all over.

I will end with a positive note…I love the joys of seeing our kids grow, I do love the time we have together as a family and I love when we see all our hard work pay off. Although I am a very strict Mommy with high expectations we have lots of LOVE in our house. We kiss, we laugh, we have quality time together, we eat together, we pray together and we let one another know how much we love them.

Oh I can’t forget to mention I am now a Mommy of a four legged handsome Double Doodle.
It is safe to say, I love being a mother every day of the year, even the days that are a little more of a struggle. Which is a real thing and it is okay to say so!!