What a joy it has been raising our Baby Longhorns. I will never forget our first football game with the kids. They were not even a year old and we spent the day before trying to figure out how we were going to get them into the game. Who was going to carry what and who was going to carry who? So my husband had one baby carrier strapped to the front of him, and another strapped to the back of him, I had a baby carrier strapped to the front of me, and a backpack on my back. It was certainly a production to say the least. We did the opposite than normal and watched the game from the End Zone Club and only went to our seats during half time.

Watch them then!


Now, it’s safe to say our Baby Longhorns are very familiar with all the football fight songs. From UT football to Aggie football. Because our Surrogate is a huge Aggie fan, part of our agreement was every week she would play Texas Fight for our precious babies to hear before they were born! I must say we have had so much fun with this through the years. One year when the Aggies won, we took a picture of our kids dressed in Aggie outfits.

The games have been a huge part of our family and we go to almost all the home games. This is what our family calls “making memories.”  One of the highlights along the way is when my husband decided he wanted to buy a “Longhorn car.” So what do you know? Here he came with a 1966, Burnt Orange, Convertible Lincoln Continental. Again, another great way of “making memories.” If you’re ever in our office on a Friday during football season you’re sure to see this car in the parking lot.

Here we are 12 years later, still raising our Baby Longhorns, all with a different opinion of going to the games. One of the three, Caprice, has lost almost all interest. Grace and Hunter still love it. So we now utilize some of the games as alone time, which is hard to find with triplets.  Now if it’s not a home game Caprice will watch most of the game with us on TV.

Watch them now!