State-of-the-art Tickle Lipo Technology

//State-of-the-art Tickle Lipo Technology

State-of-the-art Tickle Lipo Technology

I am excited to announce that we have upgraded our Tickle Lipo technology to the latest and greatest 6th generation device! What makes this new technology advantageous for patients is the unique way the cannula (or suctioning device) vibrates. This vibration allows the cannula to move and break apart the fatty layer more easily. This alleviates a tremendous amount of discomfort associated with the traditional liposuction procedure, and it is less traumatic to the tissue of the treated area, providing faster recovery and less pain after the procedure as well. This amazing technology greatly reduces the invasiveness of a liposuction procedure, and as such, many patients can have their procedure performed awake with only oral sedation. My patients have been thrilled to have this option when considering a liposuction procedure. It is my goal to provide patients with options that will give them the best outcomes with the least risk. I feel that this is one of the best options available for patients looking to give more contour and definition to their shape.

Advantages of Tickle Liposuction

1. May not require general anesthesia

2. Less Discomfort

3. Faster Recovery Time

4. Less Bruising

5. Superior Body Sculpting