The decision to have breast augmentation surgery is a highly personal one that should be made between a woman and her plastic surgeon. It is also the first in a series of decisions that will need to be made prior to your actual surgery. Once you determine breast enlargement is the right choice for you, the next logical choice is often the type of implant you want to use for your surgery. At Hall Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jeffrey Hall offers a number of options to his patients.

Choosing between Saline or Silicone
Breast implants consist of silicone shells that are either filled with a saline solution or a silicone gel. Dr. Jeffrey Hall uses both types in his practice in order to find the best type of implant to fit each of his patient’s needs. Saline implants have been approved by the FDA for patients from age 18 years. Silicone implants have been approved for women age 22 and over.

Silicone implants tend to be the most popular choice for patients seeking breast augmentation because they look and feel more like natural breast tissue. Silicone implants also do not change shape in the event of a rupture like saline implants can sometimes do. However, some women prefer saline implants, due to the ability to adjust the size after they are placed in the breast tissue. Saline implants also tend to be more cost effective than silicone implants.

Understanding Shapes and Sizes
Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters or cc’s. Larger implants will have more cc’s. These sizes do not correspond with cup sizes, which can sometimes make it difficult for women to visualize the implant size in their own breasts. Dr. Hall works with each of his patients to help them choose the implant size that will help them meet their specific aesthetic goals.

Breast implants also come in two different shapes; round and teardrop. While the teardrop shape most closely resembles the natural breast, most women opt for the round curvature which often gives a more youthful, lifted appearance. In most cases, women should select their implant shape based on what they want their final result to look like.

Making Sense of Profiles and Textures
Finally, breast implants come in different profiles and textures. Profile refers to the protrusion from the chest and may be low, moderate or high. The profile should be selected based on your body shape and size to create the most natural results.

Implants may be smooth or textured, which describes the feel of the outer shell. Smooth implants are less likely to be felt on the outside of the breast, while textured implants may reduce the risk of capsular contracture. Your choice may also depend on the thickness of your skin and the current size of your breasts.

Making the move to breast implants involves plenty of choices today. Dr. Hall understands the many options can be overwhelming, so he walks each of his patients through the various selections to ensure they end up with the implant that will best meet their expectations. To learn more about this procedure, contact Hall Plastic Surgery at 855-851-4832.