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Skin Care Awareness


Did you know that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? I can’t express the importance of proper skincare all year round. The number one thing [...]

Skin Care Awareness2019-05-10T16:33:13+00:00

The Pink Card


Last year was a year of firsts for our office.  Among those firsts - we started offering a Medical grade Subscription to our patients for [...]

The Pink Card2019-04-24T13:22:57+00:00

Call It Collagen


  I continue to learn ways to improve my body daily and sometimes that means exploring all new options. I believe that combination of multiple [...]

Call It Collagen2019-04-11T12:42:18+00:00

A Moment With The Family


They say there are two things you do NOT talk about at work, politics and religion. I get that for the most part but sometimes [...]

A Moment With The Family2019-03-14T12:32:02+00:00

Ultherapy Named in Beauty Choice Awards


Did you know that Ultherapy was recently named in New Beauty’s annual Beauty Choice Awards as the Best In-Office Treatment? Having had first-hand experience with [...]

Ultherapy Named in Beauty Choice Awards2015-06-30T23:52:28+00:00